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Located in Flint Michigan, US Speedo is the leading manufacturer of OEM quality gauge restyling products. What started as a need to convert kilometer gauges for importing transitioned into nation-wide orders for unique restyled color gauges on most popular vehicles!

Soon after, we invented and patented the stainless steel gauge face which has evolved into even more dramatic designs such as the Aqua Edition, Aqua Mariner and Stealth Edition gauge face kits. Since 1999, US Speedo has provided our clients the pinnacle of quality custom for their speedometer.

US Speedo continues to develop customization options for your interior. We're always adding new products and new designs to our catalog of gauge face kits. Recently, US Speedo has developed an LED Lighting Kit, not just for your speedometer, but for your entire dash. Weather your gauges are in need of repair, you have a lightbulb out in your dash, or you're just looking to finish off that custom interior with a gauge face kit or custom lighting scheme, look no further than US Speedo.


Harry Brink



Number of Employees:


Areas Serviced:

Automotive, snowmobile, side by side ATV, motorcycles, importing speedometer conversions (KM to MPH)

Product Lines:

Speedometer Gauge Faces, Speedometer Needles, Speedometer Lens, LED Speedometer Upgrades, LED Interior Upgrades, Custom Gauge Faces, Speedometer Repair, Speedometer Replacement, Speedometer Programing.


SS - Stainless Steel AQ - Aqua Edition Stainless Steel SE - Stealth Edition Stainless Steel AM - Aqua Mariner Stainless Steel BO - Black Ops Edition Cluster System Daytona Edition Gauge Face Kits Escalade Edition Upgrade Kit LED Speedometer Kit LED Interior Upgrade Kit Speedometer Lens Speedometer Needles More Items Coming Soon


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