Stainless Edition Gauge Face Kits

US Speedo's Patented Stainless Steel Gauge Faces are the perfect enhancement to your vehicles interior. The Stainless Steel is a very exquisite high line look. The Design team at US Speedo has made these gauge faces to look very similar to the stock (OEM) gauge faces. Keeping some of the stock styling gives the Speedometer a Factory Upgrade look. With the new US Speedo Stainless Steel Gauge Face Kits you can choose either Blue or Red Numbers and Night lighting. Tired of looking at the dull teal nights of the GM Truck clusters... Now get a nice Blue night. Ready for the more aggressive look at night...Red! Needles: US Speedo is the ONLY aftermarket company that has invested thousands of dollars to bring aftermarket needles to the market. Needles are a very important and costly part of completing the design of a new speedometer design. MOST of the Stainless Steel Kits come with New US Speedo matching needles. If you order with Red Numbers you get New Red Needles. Although we try, we can not offer needles for every application. Needles are very expensive to make and tool. As new Models are released we are prepared to make the commitment to tool any model if the need is there.

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