US Speedo Custom Speedometer Products

US Speedo specializes in better than OEM quality custom gauge faces. Our Stainless, Aqua, Stealth, and Rose Gold Edition Stainless Steel custom gauge faces are cut from high grade stainless steel for a great look and superior durability. US Speedo Daytona Edition custom gauge faces are designed to match your vehicle’s accent color and made using the same production processes and materials used to create OEM faces. Unlike the digitally printed faces found on the market today, our gauge faces are guaranteed not to crack or deform under the normal rigors of hot and cold found in your vehicle’s interior. We also manufacture custom and replacement needles and lenses to give your vehicle that extra custom look. Want custom lighting? Why not add an led lighting kit for your speedometer or entire dash! From custom to replacement, or repairs to product support, you’ll find what you need here in our products section.

US Speedo Stainless Edition Custom Gauge Face


Our Stainless Edition Faces are the premiere stainless gauge face product on the market. Since 2003, our patented gauge faces have set the industry standard in quality and design. These kits are available with various daytime and nighttime color options.

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US Speedo Aqua Edition Custom Gauge Face

The Aqua Edition Kit is the perfect solution to give the interior of your vehicle a high end look. These gauge faces are manufactured with the highest quality 100% stainless steel and receive a blue anodized coating for our trademark Aqua Edition finish.

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US Speedo Stealth Edition Custom Gauge Face


Experience one of the best selling product lines from US Speedo. With its black anodized coating and white or blue night time lighting,  the 100% stainless steel Stealth Edition is the most unique gauge face kit on the market.

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US Speedo Amethyst Edition Custom Gauge Face

The Amethyst Edition Kit’s beautiful purple PVD coated luster is the perfect sophisticated accent to your vehicle’s interior! These gauge faces are manufactured with the highest quality 100% stainless steel!

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US Speedo Rose Gold Edition Custom Gauge Face


Elegant and clean! The US Speedo Rose Gold Edition Custom Gauge Face Kit is made using only the highest quality 100% stainless steel. The Rose Gold PVD Coating gives this product line it’s signature shine!

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US Speedo Daytona Edition Custom Gauge Face

The Daytona Edition is, without a doubt, the highest quality polycarbonate gauge face available. Daytona Edition Faces are a great upgrade from OEM with a sportier graphic style and several custom colors available!

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US Speedo Escalade Edition Custom Gauge Face Kit


Change the look of your stock GM truck into the elegant look of an Escalade with this kit! US Speedo has specifically designed an escalade gauge face kit for your exact truck. 1500, 2500, GAS, diesel, MPH, and KMH versions in stock! These kits are avaialable for 1999-2007 GM trucks and SUV’s.

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US Speedo Custom Speedometer Needles

US Speedo’s Custom and Replacement needle kits are the perfect way to finish your custom gauge face install. With so many colors and styles to choose from, You’ll find the right set to fit your style.

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US Speedo LED Speedometer Lighting Kits


Tired of the dim factory lighting in your car or truck’s dash?  Light bulb burned out? Want that custom nighttime color? Now US Speedo has the best solution…Upgrade your factory dash to virtually everlasting LEDs! Our 4 easy to install upgrade kits will replace your old bulbs with the very latest in LED lighting technology!

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US Speedo Custom Speedometer Lenses

Complete your interior gauge transformation with a new lens from US Speedo! All NEW Lens designs are available. If you want a custom look for your GM, Ford, or Dodge Truck or SUV, US Speedo has you covered. Lenses are available for most newer GM, Ford and Dodge trucks and SUV’s.

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