One of our biggest repair inquiries is on GM vehicles.  Specifically GM trucks built between 2003-2006.  There are many well known issues with these clusters, and eventually they all will need to be rebuilt.

No matter what your problem is with you GM cluster, US Speedo is the industry leader in complete rebuilds and repairs for these vehicles.  Not just the trucks either, many GM cars that were built during the early 2000’s are having their own issues.

From replacing the stepper motors (The little motors that turn the needles.), to replacing the lights, fixing solder joints, repairing LCD screens and replacing resisters, US Speedo does it all for one small flat rate. (Circuit board replacements may be an additional charge.)

While US Speedo has your cluster apart, you may want to take advantage of  huge discounts on up-grades on things like LED lighting, a new fancy gauge face or new lens and needles.  It’s your chance to change the look of your dash while we are already working on your cluster, and pay as little as half the price for the up-grades!

Most repairs only take about an hour to do if you are bringing in your vehicle in person.  If you wish to ship in your cluster, please contact for info on how to start. Ship in repairs typically are done the same day, and shipped right back out.

All US Speedo repairs come with a full one year warranty on not only the parts, but also the labor!  In most cases after we do your repair/rebuild, you will never have another problem, and most likely the repair will outlast the vehicle.

For more information, or for questions, please contact the US Speedo sales team at 810-244-0909 or email us .  Our hours are Mon-Fri from 8am to 5pm Eastern time.

We would love to hear from you!!

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