US Speedo Technician Talk: Should the metal stem come out with the speedometer needle?

Pulling your needle stem can happen when using improper needle pulling technique. The good news is US Speedo can help!

You’re installing your brand new US Speedo Custom Gauge Face. You’ve pulled your cluster out of your vehicle, then carefully removed your lens off of the cluster. You’ve marked your needle positions on your existing gauge face and are ready to install your awesome new mod! It’s time to remove your needles, STOP! Read this!

The Proper Technique!

There has been some misinformation about needle removal techniques. Not using proper needle pulling technique can cause damage to your cluster. Some applications, such as jeeps, call for pushing in the needle to break it loose and lifting while turning counter clockwise, while others call for lifting the needle straight up. The proper technique for your Make and Model will be written in your set of US Speedo Installation Instructions included with your custom gauge face.



The anatomy of a speedometer needle: Needle, needle stem, and stepper motor. Problem? Let US Speedo help!

The Metal Stem Dilemma 

Using improper technique can cause the metal stem to pull along with your needle. If this happens, do not attempt to just push the metal stem back in. The metal needle stem fits into a stepper motor which is soldered to your cluster. Once pulled out, the stepper motor is broken. Even if it works for a moment, it will become inoperative at some point in the very near future. While your cluster is out, you might as well get it fixed

Never fear, US Speedo is here

If you pulled a needle stem while installing your US Speedo Custom Gauge Face, don’t panic! US Speedo fully supports our product and wants to help you with a successful¬†install! This means we also support your install. If you pull your needle stem, you can contact our sales dept at or (810) 244 – 0909 to setup your ship-in repair.


Let US Speedo help fix your stepper motor with ship-in repair!

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